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Scar Revision Surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure that eliminates the appearance of scars and allows them to merge in with the surrounding healthy skin. Scar revision surgery does not completely remove scars. It makes them less visible and more subtle.

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Types of scars:

  • Keloid or hypertrophic scars- where the scars become thick
  • Acne scars- depressed multiple pitted , rolling appearance
  • Depressed scars - burns or postsurgical
  • Pigmented scars
  • Hypopigmented scars
  • Scars causing contracture or deformity


A technique in which the damaged skin's upper layers are removed and the skin is softened to give it a similar appearance and feel to the surrounding skin.


Z-plasty is a procedure that is used to treat deep scars as in burns scars or scars that cover a wide area of skin, often inhibiting muscle movement. This surgery requires making a series of incisions on both sides of the scar, forming V-shaped skin flaps, and reorienting the scar for improved functionality and a more pleasing appearance.

Skin grafting and skin flap surgery

Skin grafting and skin flap surgery usually require the removal of healthy skin from the damaged area and its replacement with new skin.

Tissue expansion

Tissue expansion is placing a silicone balloon filled with saline water beneath the skin and stretching it over time to expand the skin adjacent to scar, which is later rotated to the scarred site.

Fat grafts for acne and depressed scars

Micro or nano fat particles are injected in this method.

Epidermal micrograft transplant

Epidermal micrograft transplant or melanocyte transfer for hypopigmented scars and scars along the forearm - suicidal cuts.

Light Dressing is applied after scar revision surgery which can be changed on alternate days. Sutures are removed between 5-7 days depending on the location of the scar Silicone gel sheets, compression dressings and sunscreens are prescribed for few months after any scar revision surgery


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