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Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost In Hyderabad ranges between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 7,00,000

Motherhood is one of the most precious experiences in a woman's life indeed, but the physical changes the body goes through are infinite and depressing. You can now keep the experience alive and Get back to your pre-pregnancy look or even better and be the most stunning mom ever. If you’re looking for a mommy makeover surgery in Bangalore, look no further! Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan is the best female plastic surgeon helping mommies regain their self-confidence by getting a desired shape.

Go for a mommy makeover and get back to your old self. It’s just that little self-love that hurts none. We listen to every single concern of yours before we provide you with a solution! The average weight gain during pregnancy should be about 10-12kgs. The majority of this weight can be safely lost during the first year after delivery of the baby with a healthy diet and exercise. So please do try to lose your weight and gain the tone of the abdominal muscles. Breastfeeding can also assist in weight loss by burning calories stored during pregnancy.

But what about the changes that does not respond to weight loss and are irreversible? What about the excess skin and fat on the abdomen or the stretch marks? What about the sagging breasts? What about the excess fat deposits on your thighs and arms? This is where the mommy makeover helps you in regaining your body. A mommy makeover surgery is a combination of procedures like – Abdominoplasty, Breast Lift surgery, Liposuction and liposculpture. These surgeries can be done in a single operation or a staged procedure depending on your general health and the complexity of the operation. LIPOSUCTION & LIPOSCULPTURE

Abdominoplasty To get rid of your stretch marks

Abdominoplasty is aimed at improving the abdominal tone of your body by removing stretch marks and the sagging belly. This procedure leaves a well-hidden scar along the panty line. The diastasis of the rectus muscle is corrected, which improves the overall abdominal tone.

Breas-t Lift To get rid of those sagging breas-ts


Breast implants can also be used to add volume and rejuvenate the appearance of the breasts. There is another procedure where we can also collect surplus fat from the abdomen and inject it into the breasts for natural enlargement- Breast enlargement with fat injections.



To get rid of that extra weight you’ve gained.

The hormonal changes in a pregnant woman's body are inevitable and infinite, due to which the weight gain is very rapid, sometimes the fat gets accumulated in specific areas and becomes stubborn. Through liposuction, these areas will be contoured to perfection.

  • Lower Back (‘Love Handles’)
  • Outer Thigh Area (‘Saddlebags’)
  • Upper And Mid-Back (‘Bra Rolls’)
  • Waistline Or Top Of Hips (‘Muffin Top’)

Dr Sandhya has got the most sophisticated and well-equipped clinic with advanced liposuction treatments. These procedures include laser fat removal treatment or laser liposuction.

Injectables for Facial rejuvenation

Your face can be rejuvenated with injectables to reduce the wrinkles, and fine lines, and add volume to cheeks and lips. These treatments can do wonders on your facial profile and give beautiful results. Finally, an increasing number of women are also requesting for a buttock lift or a Brazilian butt lift as a part of the mommy makeover. The best provider for mommy makeover surgery in Bangalore, Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan also provides genital rejuvenation procedures. It includes procedures like labia reduction surgery and fat injections for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation.

If your answer is Yes for the below queries, then you can go ahead for a consultation with your plastic surgeon.

  • Have I Tried And Exhausted All The Non-Surgical Options, Such As Diet And Exercise, To Improve My Shape?
  • Am I Clear About Which Problem Areas Can Be Treated With The Mommy Makeover?
  • Do I Have Realistic Expectations About What The Mommy Makeover Can Achieve?
  • Do I Fully Understand The Surgical And Non-Surgical Procedures Involved, How Long It Will Take And What I Need To Do Afterwards To Promote Healing And Recovery?
  • Am I Prepared To Maintain My Weight Through A Healthy Diet And An Exercise Routine After Surgery So That The Results Of The Mommy Makeover Surgical And Non-Surgical Procedures Will Be Long-Lasting?

If you’re considering getting a mommy makeover surgery in Bangalore, then Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan is one of the best mommy makeover surgeons. Before giving a solution, Dr. Sandhya would heed and comprehend every concern of yours, answer the queries and with an algorithmic approach. She provides the best solution to achieve the desired results.

You can get the best mommy makeover surgery in Bangalore by the expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan. The doctor assists all her patients in the best possible manner after understanding their concerns and by setting realistic expectations about the outcomes.

How Much Does Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost In Bangalore?

Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost In Hyderabad ranges between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 7,00,000

The cost of Mommy Makeover Surgery In Bangalore ranges between Rs. 1,40,000 to Rs. 4,00,000. The cost may vary depending upon the treatment and changes required by an individual to achieve the results.


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