Cheek Enhancement/ Cheek Augmentation
Cheek Augmentation In Bangalore and Hyderabad
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Cheek Enhancement/ Cheek Augmentation In Bangalore And Hyderabad

High cheekbones and V shaped face are considered as signs of beauty and youthfulness. The goal of cheek enhancement procedure is to  either add volume to the cheek, or lift a sagging cheek or both of it. This gives an enhanced well defined structure to the midface . Some might be bothered with the cheeks appearing flat or thin  and  some might be more concerned about the sagging of mid face and cheek with aging ,weight loss  and lifestyle changes. Whatever are the reasons for opting for cheek augmentation there are three main procedures.

Options for cheek enhancement include: 

  • Dermal fillers - hyaluronic acid or collagen
  • Fat grafting or fat injections on cheek 
  • Cheek implants
Cheek fillers

Cheek fillers

Dermal fillers work by injecting cheek filler material into the soft tissue of  the cheek or malar region. The fillers used are usually hyaluronic acid or collagen enhancing injections. These are found naturally in our body and get depleted as we age. Injecting hyaluronic acid revitalizes, hydrates and plumps the skin .

Effects of cheek enhancement include:

  • Improves the facial contour- Cheek fillers enhances the volume and projection of the cheek improving the facial profile 
  • Balance of Facial symmetry
  • Hydration of skin- restores the moisture of skin and restores  radiance 
  • Plumps the wrinkles 
  • Youthful and volumised cheeks

A cheek filler procedure takes 15-20 mts. A numbing cream is applied on the cheek prior to the injection . Prefilled syringes of hyaluroic acid or PLLA ( sculptra )  is used for injections. A small needle or cannula is introduced under the soft tissue and small amounts of filler is injected. You may feel a slight pinch or a sting while injecting . 

Post procedure avoid using makeup for 2-3 days , quit smoking, mild ice compress for 24-48 hours may help reduce bruising and swelling,  avoid hot showers  and sauna for 2-3 days,  sleep on your back, avoid direct sunlight for few days

Mild bruises and swelling is common after filler injection. Results are seen immediately after the hyaluronic acid injections , but takes  few days for the final result. PLLA sculptra injection takes few weeks for the final result as new collagen regenerates at the site of injection. The effects of filler injections lasts for 18 months to 2 years.

Cheek fillers are to avoided in individuals with allergy to substances in fillers, autoimmune disorders like SLE, dermatomyositis,  bleeding disorders or in certain skin disorders .
The main advantages of filler injections include immediate result with a quick procedure with no downtime, low risk of complications, non- permanent result  (so changes are possible later), no scarring or signs of surgery .

Fat Grafting/  Fat injections to cheek

Another alternative to filler injections are autologous fat graft injections. In this procedure fat can be taken out from your other parts of body with cannula, processed to  microfat and nanofat  and injected into the cheek similar to filler injection. The procedure takes around 1-2 hours and can be done under local anesthesia. You can go home the same day. Mild bruising and swelling after the fat injections are common but resolves over time. The postoperative care for fat injections remain the same as filler injections. Results after fat injections lasts  for years unlike a filler injections. The results can change if there is drastic weight fluctuations .

Cheek Implants 

This is a surgical procedure which has permanent results for cheek enhancement. In this procedure contoured facial implants are placed in the malar region to enhance the cheek area and  give a youthful contour to a sagging face. Implants of different size and shapes can be chosen based on the facial structure. Cheek implant procedure can be combined with other facial aesthetic procedures like buccal fat pad reduction, rhinoplasty, jawline contouring and liposuction of double chin.

You can consider this procedure if: 

  • You are looking for permanent results 
  • Realistic expectation
  • You are bothered about the flattened cheek or sagging cheek or both 
  •  You are Non smoker  and physically healthy
Preparing for the surgery and initial consultation

Once you have decided on enhancing the cheeks, the next step would be to consult a Plastic surgeon with good experience and expertise.
 Dr Sandhya would examine  your face, take photographs, take measurements of the malar region, discuss with you all the outcome and recovery after cheek augmentation procedure. Discuss with her your goals about the surgery, expected post surgical outcome, the medications you take and in case  need to stop it  before surgery. Medications like garlic supplements and ecospirin need to be stopped before surgery as they prolong the clotting time and increase risk of bleeding.
You will need to undergo a few blood tests before the surgery  and consult the anesthetist .

Procedure and after care 

Surgical cheek implant procedure is done under twilight anesthesia or general anesthesia ( when combined with other procedures ).
An incision is placed either inside your mouth along the upper labial sulcus or under the lower eyelid ( subciliary)  and an implant is inserted in the cheek region. This gives a fuller and youthful cheeks which are lifted .
You will be given specific instructions after  surgery which include:

  • Soft diet for 3 weeks , antiseptic mouth rinse for 10 days
  • Sleep on your back and ice compress for first 48 hours
  • Compression Mask to minimize swelling  
  • Painkillers and antibiotics  for smooth recovery .     

Typically recovery after  cheek implants is  2-3 weeks during which time bruising and swelling comes down . You can return to the office after 7- 10 days , and start your regular routine in 2 weeks. However strenuous  exercises need to be avoided for 4-6 weeks .
The results of cheek implant surgery are permanent .

If you are looking for a cheek enhancement  in Bangalore or a cheek enhancement in hyderabad, then Dr Sandhya  is the best plastic surgeon to consult. Her expertise in facial aesthetic surgery sets her apart. She would analyze your face and give an optimized solution for cheek augmentation . 


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