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Chin augmentation surgery, also known as genioplasty or mentoplasty, aims to reshape your chin to be more proportional to the rest of your face. This operation can be done with either a biocompatible implant or by cutting and extending the bone. It is used to level the facial profile and is done either alone or in conjunction with rhinoplasty or facelift surgery.If you’re looking for the best chin augmentation surgeon in Hyderabad and Bangalore, look no further!

Chin Augmentation Surgeon in Bangalore & Hyderabad


Fillers for chin- Fillers can be injected in the chin zones to increase the chin size and projection. It lasts for 9-12 months.

Chin Implant- Done under local anesthesia , a small incision is made either inside the mouth in your lower lip sulcus or underneath the chin. A pocket is created above the bone and under the muscles. A customized biocompatible implant is placed in this secure pocket. The incision is sutured and the chin is taped to secure the implant in place while it heals.

Genioplasty-It is an alternative to a chin implant as no implant is used. In this procedure a small incision is done inside the mouth, the chin bone is cut, and advanced forward or downwards to lengthen the chin. The advanced bone is held in place with mini plates and screws.

You can be discharged the same day ,you may experience some swelling , bruising and temporary numbness. Your stitches will be removed within a week. Stitches inside the mouth will dissolve by itself. You need to be on a liquid diet for 1 week and a soft diet for another week. You can resume your work within 3 days of surgery. Special instructions will be given for maintaining oral hygiene. If you’re considering getting a Chin augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad or a Chin augmentation Surgery in Bangalore, then Dr.Sandhya Balasubramanyan is one of the best chin augmentation surgeons in Hyderabad. If you have queries regarding Chin enhancement / chin implant surgery in Bangalore or chin implant surgery in Hyderabad call us or mail us

She is one of the most promising professionals all over India. Before giving a solution, Dr.Sandhya Balasubramanyan heeds and comprehends every concern of the patients, answers the queries and with an algorithmic approach. She provides them with the best solution.

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