Buttock Augmentation and BBL
Brazilian Butt Lift in Bangalore, Hyderabad
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Brazilian Butt lift or Buttock Augmentation with Fat Injections in Bangalore and Hyderabad


Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a procedure for buttocks enhancement that involves injection of fat into the buttocks to give more fullness and lift. Unlike the silicone butt implant procedure, fat transfer gives more natural looking results which are long lasting.

BBL can increase the roundness, fullness  and projection of the buttocks. It also improves the balance of the figure and also enhances the confidence and self image .

Who can Undergo a BBL Procedure?

  •  All men and women who desire to have rounded and full buttocks can be candidates for this procedure.
  • Individuals within a stable body weight following a healthy diet and regular exercises.

  • Ones having realistic expectations of the surgery and understanding all the postoperative recovery and outcome.
  • Non-smokers.
  • Individuals with moderate skin elasticity and tightness. People with excess skin laxity as in morbid weight loss, will need a butt lift procedure to remove the excess skin and lift the glutes.
Your Consultation With Plastic Surgeon

Once you have decided on undergoing the procedure, consult a plastic surgeon with experience and expertise in BBL.  During your consultation be ready to discuss the following:

  • Your goals in relation to the procedure - why do you wish to enhance the buttocks; does it make you more proportionate; do you feel uncomfortable while wearing clothes; Do you feel you have excess fat in thighs and love handles that you wish to remove and enhance the buttocks as well ?
  • Any pre existing medical illness or allergies
  • Medications that you take regularly including supplements
  • Your plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks, take measurements, assess skin quality, assess the areas from which fat is harvested, take photographs and explain to you about the procedure
  • You will be advised to take some blood tests before the surgery.

 Feeling anxious before the surgery is normal. Be sure to discuss all your queries with Dr Sandhya Balasubramanyan. She will explain in detail about the procedure, recovery, outcome and possible side effects.

Procedure of BBL

Brazilian butt lift is done either under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. You can be discharged the same day or may have to stay for a day in case multiple procedures are combined.  Preoperative, the important instructions to be followed include:

  • Stop smoking 2-4 weeks before surgery
  • Avoid or stop all medications that cause thinning of blood including herbal supplements  and garlic pills
  • You may be prescribed Arnica tablets to reduce bruising post surgery
  • Adequate hydration and be in the best possible health .

The first step in the BBL procedure is to harvest fat from areas of excess like thighs, love handles, abdomen. Small 3mm incisions are placed and thin hollow tubes called cannula are inserted and fat cells are loosened with back and forth movement of cannula. The dislodged fat cells are further suctioned out into a canister or syringe. The fat is later processed to remove the matrix tissue and blood cells and get a yield of pure fat cells. These fat concentrates are injected in multiple planes in the gluteal region to enhance the buttocks. Generally 800-1500 ml is injected on each side but may vary from patient to patient based on the need.

Dressings are applied after the procedure to protect the area of the injected fat.

Recovery and Postoperative Care
  • You will be prescribed a compression garment after the procedure which has to be worn for 6 weeks.
  • Pain and discomfort after surgery is expected, but resolves with pain killer medications prescribed by your surgeon. An antibiotic will also be prescribed to prevent any possible infection.
  • Avoid sitting down or sleeping on your back  as much as possible for two- four weeks after surgery. You can sleep on your stomach or on your sides.
  • You can resume exercises after 4-6 weeks. However small walks can be started as early as 1 week and increase the intensity in the next 1 month.
  • Regular followup with your plastic surgeon is needed to check on any complications and wound site recovery.

The results of BBL surgery is visible immediately, but may take 6 months to a year to see the final results as 30 %  of fat may get resorbed and the remaining fat cells multiply and regenerate to give the final outcome.

The results of the surgery are permanent as long as proper care is given to maintain it. For the best and long lasting results , maintain a stable weight and have a healthy lifestyle.

The possible effects of fat injections to buttocks include scarring , fat loss and resorption, need for second procedure, temporary numbness, induration or hardness of the operated site for 3 months, infection and fat loss, and bruising .

If you are planning to undergo a buttock enhancement procedure in hyderabad, or a Fat injection to buttocks in Bangalore, then Dr Sandhya Balasubramanyan is the best choice. She is the best plastic surgeon in Bangalore and Hyderabad who is an expert in buttock augmentation procedure with fat injections. She consults in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Dr Sandhya would listen to your concerns, examine you and give the best possible solution.


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