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Breast Fat Transfer / Fat injections for Breast enlargement

A breast fat transfer is a natural method to increase size of the breast and restore volume and fullness. Women's breast can undergo changes due to weight fluctuation, pregnancy, hormonal changes and aging. Loss of volume in the breast give a sagging appearance and upper pole flattening.

In this procedure fat cells are taken from areas of fat excess in the body, purified and injected In the areas which require restoration like the face, breast and buttocks. You may consider this procedure if you have unwanted fat deposits in your abdomen, thighs, love handles and wish to recontour this areas and at the same time restore volume in other areas of loss and sagging by fat injections.


Who can consider Fat injections for breast?

This can be an alternative to breast implant surgery if you wish to increase your breast by one cup size. Women who are otherwise happy with the breasts but wish to improve the contour of the upper pole  and add a bit of volume in the breast are most suitable for this procedure. Having said that not all are suitable for this procedure. There should be adequate and excess fat in other parts of the body for extracting the fat and injecting it in the breast.

Fat can also be injected for asymmetric breast and unevenness of breasts. It is also used as a top up procedure with breast implant surgery.

You may consider this procedure if you want to slightly increase the size of the breast but don't want silicone implants.

Women with drastic weight fluctuations and smokers are not good candidates for fat injections.

Procedure details

Fat transfer breast enlargement is an outpatient procedure. You can go home the same day of the surgery. The procedure is done under general anesthesia or twilight anesthesia.

Special medicated fluid call tumescent fluid will be injected into the areas of liposuction. This fluid will expand the fatty tissue and helps in easy removal of fat, numbs the treatment area and minimizes bleeding. Liposuction works by removing the excess fat with the gentle suction device called canulas. A small 3 mm incision if placed in concealed areas of the body, and cannulas are inserted into the subcutaneous fat. Gentle to and fro movements of the cannula yields the fat cells. The extracted fat is either purified or centrifuged and injected into the breast tissue with special syringes.

A compression dressing will be placed at the site of liposuction to reduce swelling and bruising. It also helps the skin to retract back to its normal position. A good comfortable support bra needs to be worn for the first six weeks after the surgery. 

Recovery and Outcome

Recovery, after fat injections to the breast, can vary among patients. Bruising around the liposuction section area takes around 7 to 10 days to resolve. You can get back your work in 3 to 4 days time. All strenuous activities has to be started after 6 weeks. However taking short walks  and routine chores can be started as early as 1 week.

Dressings needs to be changed at the site of a small incision with antiseptic cream and a bandaid. You will be prescribed painkiller after the procedure.

Your surgeon would overfill the breast to compensate for the the 40- 50% loss of fat cells. So don't be surprised if your breasts look fuller than expected initially. The results of the fat injections are seen after 3-6 months and lasts lifelong if there are no drastic weight fluctuations. You may need a second sitting of fat injections if you wish to increase the fullness of breasts further.

The risks of fat transfer breast enlargement include bruising and swelling at the site of liposuction and breast. Occasionally fat necrosis leading to cyst formation and calcification can happen. 


Does  fat injection into the breast affect breast feeding?

Fat injected into the breast does not affect the functioning of lactiferous ducts. So breast feeding can be done after this procedure.

Does injecting fat into breasts  increase the risk of cancer in my breasts?

It does not increase the risk of breast cancer and Mammogram still works for the detection of early cancer .

What are the cons of Breast fat enlargement surgery ?

It gives an enlargement of breasts by one cup size  in a sitting. If you wish to increase the size further you will need another sitting of fat injections.
Though fat injections increase the size of breasts , it does not  help in lifting sagging breasts. You will need a breast lift or mastopexy for correcting sag of breast tissue.

What is the recovery after fat injections ?

You can start your work in 3-7 days time depending on the areas of liposuction . Small walks can be initiated after 1 week and increase the  intensity and duration  over the next 6 weeks. Strenous exercises, swimming, badminton, workouts  has to be avoided for 6 weeks .

Are the results after fat injections to breast permanent?

Yes, fat once settled in the breasts lasts lifelong  . The subtle enlargement of breasts remain if there are no drastic weight fluctuations in the body and you lead a healthy lifestyle. 

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