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Tummy Tuck Surgery in Bangalore
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Tummy Tuck Surgery In Bangalore

Tummy tuck Surgery Cost in Bangalore Start from Rs. 90000  to Rs. 2,00,000

Overview- Women and men are keen to get into a toned and flat physique. They look out for effective ways to achieve it, one of which is tummy tuck surgery. It is also known as abdominoplasty surgery.

Pregnancy or significant weight loss following diet or a bariatric surgery results in abdominal muscles protruding and stretching with internal split and damage to muscles. Along with this, there is also loose skin with stretch marks and with accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous layer which drapes the abdomen like an apron. Diet and exercise can reduce the fat collections to some extent, but the loose skin and stretched muscles need surgical correction. Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan addresses all three issues. A youthful umbilicus or belly button can also be created. Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck is a common procedure men and women opt for to improve the shape of your abdominal area by removing excess fat, and loose skin along with surgical tightening of your abdominal musculature. This yields a youthful contour to the abdomen.

If you are searching for the best surgeon for abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery, you should consult Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan. She is renowned for providing the best tummy tuck surgery in Bangalore.

Abdominoplasty In Bangalore

Types of Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty performed by an expert doctor is of different types, and incisions vary with individual body types. Choosing the right technique is Dr. Sandhya’s top priority. This is necessary to provide excellent results and the best abdominoplasty surgery in Bangalore

1) A Mini Abdominoplasty is suited for patients with lower abdominal muscle laxity alone with little loose skin and a navel which doesn’t need a repositioning. A small incision is placed along the bikini line like a cesarean section and loose skin is removed and muscles are tightened.

2) A full Abdominoplasty is done for individuals with muscle stretch of the upper and lower abdomen, Diastasis recti, excessive laxity of skin and fat and an umbilicus which has descended down. It removes all the stretch marks in the lower abdomen, pulling the normal skin from above downwards.

3) Lipoabdominoplasty is a 3D liposuction combined with a mini or full abdominoplasty for a better definition of the waistline and to get rid of the love handles.

4) Circumferential abdominoplasty-  This is opted in individuals with significant weight loss or body changes with sagging skin along the stomach, sides, buttocks and back. A long incision like a belt is placed along the lower abdomen and skin with fat is removed all along. The buttocks are lifted up and the abdomen is made taut.


How To Prepare For The Surgery And Consultation With Plastic Surgeon

Once you have decided on being the right candidate for tummy tuck surgery, visit a well-qualified Plastic surgeon with adequate experience. During your consultation with Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan, for tummy tuck surgery in Bangalore, you could expect the following to be discussed: 

  • The goals of the surgery and why you have opted for it
  • Medical history and any drug allergies
  • Pre Existing medical conditions and medications you are taking on a regular basis including vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Understanding the recovery period, side effects and outcome
  • Examination of your tummy, with measurements and photography  
  • Preoperative blood tests, ultrasound scans or sometimes CT scans will be advised 
  • Meet the anaesthetist before the surgery to evaluate your general health.

Feeling apprehensive before the surgery is completely normal. Feel free to discuss with Dr Sandhya about any concerns and fears you have and don't hesitate to ask the questions related to the results of the surgery you hope to achieve.

Understanding If You Are The Right Candidate For Tummy Tuck Procedure

Self evaluation is the best way to understand if you are ready for the procedure physically and mentally. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do I understand the procedure, outcome and side effects completely?
  • Am I well motivated to continue exercises and diet following surgery to maintain the long lasting results
  • Do I understand  which are the areas addressed in tummytuck surgery?
  • Am i ready to quit smoking for 4 weeks ? ( smokers - carry a higher risk of wound complications )
  • Do I have realistic expectations ?
 Procedure Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty is done under general anesthesia in the operating room. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a multi-step procedure. To provide the best tummy tuck surgery in Bangalore, Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan follows the following steps:

Your Plastic surgeon would mark preoperatively all the areas of liposuction and skin removal based on the clinical assessment. An incision is placed along the pantyline crease extending to the hips on either side based on the extent of skin excess. The rectus muscle diastasis or divarication is repaired with sutures. The excess lower abdominal skin and fat are excised. This removes the stretch marks in the lower tummy to a huge extent. The abdominal skin is then pulled down snugly to the lower abdomen with the umbilicus being positioned through a tiny incision in its new location. The final scar is hidden along the pantyline crease.

Recovery And Postoperative After Care

You may need to be admitted for a day or two in the hospital. Dressings are placed at the incision sites which can be changed every 2-3 days. All the sutures placed are dissolvable.  The drain placed in the abdomen will be removed the next day. Medications for pain and faster wound healing will be prescribed. Generally, wounds take 7-10 days for healing. Though gentle movements are advised as early as the next day after surgery, your routine activities can be started in 10-14 days' time. You will be able to return to your moderate/ vigorous exercises after 4-6 weeks. A compression garment or a corset is advised for 6 weeks.

Points To Remember In Aftercare At Home: 

  • Keep the suture line clean. Change dressings after shower
  • Wear the compression garment  - 6 weeks 
  • Walk the first 2 weeks with a mild stoop to release tension along the suture line.
  • Start on gentle short walks as early as 2 weeks  and moderate exercises after 4-6 weeks
  • Sleep in a comfortable position with pillows to support your back and legs .
  • Dont sleep on your tummy 
  • Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery In Bangalore

The results of an abdominoplasty surgery are permanent as long as excess weight gain and pregnancy is avoided. In case you get pregnant or gain a large amount of weight, then the muscles can get stretched and skin becomes lax, undoing the goal of the procedure.

  • It can give a well-contoured body  you wish for 
  • Removes all the  unsightly stretch marks in the lower abdomen 
  • Repairs the muscle underneath and helps in better back support for some patients
  • Improves better mobility  and exercise activity in individuals  with a large skin apron of the abdomen
  • Treats umbilical hernia and gives a better aesthetic umbilicus.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost in Bangalore

Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost in Bangalore ranges from Rs. 90000  to Rs. 2,00,000

On average, the cost of Tummy Tuck Surgery in Bangalore ranges from Rs. 90000  to Rs. 2,00,000. This can vary based on several factors including Surgeons expertise, Hospital / clinic facility, etc.

Risks And Complications

Bruising, swelling and hardness along your stomach are common after the tummy tuck surgery. This resolves in a few weeks time. Scars along the panty line fade over time with scar cream massages. Delayed wound healing, wound dehiscence, umbilical necrosis, seroma, and hematoma formation are rare complications of tummy tuck surgery.

If you’re considering getting a Tummy Tuck Surgery in Bangalore, then Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan is one of the best choices you have. She is not only a renowned Abdominoplasty/Tummy tuck surgeon but also one of the most promising professionals all over India.

Before giving a solution, Dr.Sandhya Balasubramanyan heeds and comprehends every concern of the patients, answers the queries and with an algorithmic approach. She provides them with the best solution to achieve the best results for abdominoplasty in Bangalore.


Blood investigations and anesthetic check up
Stop smoking ( if you are a smoker)
Avoid taking aspirin and other blood thinners / herbal supplements which contain blood thinners.


Is liposuction of tummy same as tummytuck  procedure ?

No , Liposuction is an option for individuals with  relatively good skin elasticity . It is done when there are stubborn fat deposits  not responding to exercises and diet .  Tummy tuck is an open surgical procedure to address excess fat, skin and weak muscles .  While the recovery of liposuction is faster in 1-2 weeks, tummy tuck takes 2-4 weeks for recovery . 

What are the  do’s and don'ts before and after surgery ?

You will be prescribed few blood tests and advised a ultrasound scan of abdomen. Quit smoking 2 weeks before surgery. Drink plenty of water- hydration is important in recovery from anesthesia.  If you are on any medications , inform your physician about the surgery and if any dose adjustment is needed. 
Following surgery  - Wear compressioin corset for 6 weeks. Avoid strain on the abdomen muscles like lifting weight, climbing stairs very fast, vigorous exercises, swimming, badminton for 6 weeks.
Walk with a slight stoop immediately after surgery for 10 days . Sleep in a comfortable position with pillow support .

Will the results of tummy tuck surgery  change over time ? is it permanent ?

Results of tummy tuck surgery will remain as long  your weight is stable  and has no major fluctuations.  Pregnancy after tummy tuck can change the shape of abdomen to some extent  as it stretches the muscle.

How do I take care of the long sutureline after surgery ?

Though tummytuck suture lines are long, only dissolvable sutures are placed under the skin( subcuticular) , hence change of dressings is a simple one which can be done by oneself at home,.. We provide waterproof bandages with antiseptic cream.You can start your shower as early as 4th day.

When will the scars of abdominoplasty fade ?.

Wounds heal in 10-14 days time to leave a slightly pink suture line. Scar cream    massages and silicone sheets are advised after surgery which helps in remodelling of scar in the next few months . It fades almost  80 % by 3- 6 months  and completely by 1 year

How many days will I take to recover fully ?

It can vary from patient to patient since each body behaves differently while healing . Generally speaking 2 weeks is the time for immediate recovery after surgery , wound healing, getting back to work , and doing your routine chores . 
But it takes 6 weeks to do all the pre- surgery activities like vigourous exercises, lifting weights and carrying babies,  sports activities like swimming and court games .

What will be the cost of tummy tuck surgery in Bangalore? 

The cost of any cosmetic surgery procedure can be broken down to multiple components.

  • Treatment area- the cost depends on the extent of excess fat, muscle weakness and skin excess that needs to be addressed . A simple minituck would cost lesser than a lipoabdominoplasty where 360 degree lipo and a tummytuck is combined.
  • Surgeons expertise- Based on this, cost can be higher with  experienced surgeons  with expertise
  • Hospital / clinic facility - Based on the facilities provided , the room you choose cost can vary 
  • Anesthesia fees- This depends on the duration of procedure and if done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia .

The rough cost of tummy tuck would  be 1.5- 2 lakhs  in Bangalore . You would get a accurate cost by meeting with the surgeon after consultation .

Recovery after Tummy Tuck or fat reduction surgery Abdomen

Recovery after Tummy Tuck or fat reduction surgery Abdomen

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