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For men with larger breas-ts, Gynecomastia is a medical term for male breas-t growth caused by the deposition of glandular tissue, fatty tissue, or both. It might affect one or both breas-ts, and it can happen unequally too. 1 out of 4 men have unusually large breas-t, and most often it causes them mental trauma and embarrassment. Gynecomastia surgery in Bangalore performed by Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan, an expert plastic surgeon, is an effective surgical method to correct gynecomastia.

Idiopathic gynecomastia is the most prevalent type of gynecomastia, which implies it has no known cause or reason for breas-t enlargement. It can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance of androgens (male hormones) and estrogens (female hormones), which can be seen in infants, pubertal boys, and elderly men. Gynecomastia that develops throughout puberty may disappear after a few years(pubertal Gynecomastia). However it may persist in a few boys into adulthood. Other factors include liver disease, marijuana usage, anabolic steroids, and prescription drugs adverse effects.

If you’re looking for a gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad look no further! Dr. Sandhya is known for performing the best male breas-t reduction surgery.

Gynecomastia can be in 4 grades -

  • Grade 1 - being a small enlargement, localized button of tissue under the areola
  • Grade 2 - moderate enlargement exceeding the areola boundaries
  • Grade 3 - mod-severe enlargement with skin excess
  • Grade 4 - marked enlargement or feminization of the breas-t

Though it is a benign condition, it can be a source of distress and embarrassment for men suffering from gynecomastia. Male breas-t reduction or gynecomastia surgery can help you come out of all this embarrassment and live up with your self esteem.

Deciding on Gynecomastia Surgery

Deciding on Gynecomastia Surgery

Male breas-t reduction or “Moob job”  is one of the most common plastic surgical procedure done in men, Before deciding on the surgery go through this questionannare to understand better if you are the right candidate for it. 

  1. Are you conscious or embarrassed by the contour of your chest?
  2. Do you think it restricts you from social interaction and in certain activities  where your upper body is exposed like in swimming, beach, sports. 
  3. Are you conscious if you wear a tight fitting T shirt? 
  4. Have you tried exercise and diet to lose the fat in upper body and have been unsuccessful?
  5. Will the surgery give you more confidence and improve your self esteem?
  6. Are you ready to maintain a healthy lifestyle post surgery?

Once you have answered these questions, next step would be to find out the best plastic surgeon for gynecomastia surgery.  A good surgeon would be one with ample experience and expertise in gynecomastia surgery, provides good patient care, and is updated with all the latest techniques and methods of treating gynecomastia. Look for a hospital / clinic with good reputation and have performed many surgeries successfully.

Preparing for surgery and initial consultation 

You first consultation with the gynecomastia surgeon is very important. Feel free to discuss with Dr Sandhya Balasubramanyan all your concerns, what makes you seek this procedure, your expected recovery and outcome. She will help you in building a good rapport and make you feel comfortable in the initial consultation. Your discussion would include the following

  • Your reasons for deciding on gynecomastia surgery, including your expected outcome or goals
  • Discuss your medical history, any medications you are on, history of smoking and alcohol intake 
  • Photographs will be taken, measurements of chest girth, assessment of skin quality, position of nipple areola with respect to the chest.
  • The different options for treatment will be discussed - liposuction, excision or combined procedure based on the grade of gynecomastia.
  • Explanation of the anesthesia procedure, surgical steps involved, postoperative care and recovery timelines will be discussed in detail.
  • Blood tests before the surgery and a scan of the chest may be advised .


Gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad is done under general / local anesthesia either as a daycare procedure or may require a one night stay in hospital.

In a typical case, a small 3mm incision is done in an inconspicuous location – either along the areola or along breas-t fold and using an ultrasound assisted(VASER) or power-assisted machine liposuction is performed. This works well if you have grade 1 or grade 2 with good skin elasticity. The residual breas-t tissue is also pulled thorugh the same incision after liposuction.

More higher grades of gynecomastia may require a combination of liposuction with excision of glandular tissue. Usually a small 2-3 cms incision is done along the areola, and the entire fibrous breas-t tissue is excised - This is the keyhole surgery for gynecomastia. In extreme cases your surgeon may also suggest excision of loose skin to obtain good aesthetic results. The final goal of any best gynecomastia surgery results would be to contour the chest wall considering the individual bony framework, muscle bulk, skin, gland and fat excess. It needs an artist’s mind to sculpt the chest and a skilled surgeon to give the end result.

Recovery and after care

After a gynecomastia surgery your chest will be bandaged and a tight vest or a compression garment will be provided to reduce the swelling and bruises that tend to occur in the first 2 weeks.

Your prescribed medications include painkillers, antibiotics, antiseptic cream for the suture line. 

You will be given an appointment to meet the surgeon in 4 days for a change of dressings. All the sutures are dissolvable and wound heals in 10 days.

You can start showers as early as 2-3 days after surgery with waterproof bandages provided.

Take rest at home for 3-4 days and you can resume work after 4-7 days. 

You can start your walks 2 weeks after surgery and increase it over the next 4 weeks.

For any strenuous exercises, and sports like swimming, badminton and basketball  you need to wait for 4-6 weeks to resume.

Vertical lifting of the arm and carrying heavy load on the arm is not advisable for 2 weeks.

Best results of gynecomastia surgery are visible as early as 2 weeks, but the final result would take 3 months in most men.

Risks and complications

It is important to understand the risks or side effects with the surgery though it is very rare.

Swelling and bruises that appear after gynecomastia procedure reduces after 2 weeks and completely disappears in 6 weeks time.

Scar with this procedure is minimal and inconspicuous and fades with medications.

Temporary nipple sensation loss can be noted in some patients.

Rare complications include bleeding, infections, loss of nipple, flap necrosis, and allergic reaction to anesthesia medications.

If you are the one suffering from gynecomastia, please contact us today. We will be happy to schedule a consultation for you.

Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan is a well known Gynecomastia surgeon. Before giving a solution, Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan heeds and comprehends every concern of the patient, answers the queries and with an algorithmic approach. She provides them with the best solution.

For enquiries regarding male breas-t reduction surgery and gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad call us today or mail us


1.Are the results of gynecomastia surgery permanent ?

It has a very high success rate and most of the men are happy with the results of the surgery.  The results are maintained permanently  if a healthy lifestyle is followed which includes regular exercise and a healthy diet. The glandular tissue does not grow back after surgery .

2. What would be the cost of gynecomastia surgery in Bangalore / Hyderabad?  

The cost of any procedure depends on the hospital facility , experience of surgeon, grade of gynecomastia , technique used ( VASER, power assisted ) and  if other ancillary procedures done with gynecomastia surgery,  anesthesia fees . Usually it would range anywhere between 80000- 1.5 lakh INR based on multiple factors. But an exact estimate can be given after the consultation only.

3. What are the precautions to be taken before surgery ?

You need to stop all medications and certain herbal  supplements  that thin the blood before surgery .  Stop  or curtail smoking 2-3 weeks before surgery. 
Arnica tablets taken before surgery would reduce bruising of skin postoperatively. Follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water before surgery to hydrate your body.

4.  When can I resume my activities after surgery ?  

You will be encouraged to ambulate and do your own chores a day after surgery .  You can start showers in 2-3 days and get to work in a week’s time.  Driving your own car or bike would require 2 weeks to start . Regular walks can be started in 2 weeks time and increase the intensity  to brisk walks . However any strenuous upper body workout needs to be restricted for 4-6 weeks

5. What is the age limit for undergoing gynecomastia procedure ?

Most surgeons would recommend men to wait until they are 18 , when the chest development is complete to undergo the procedure. But if it is bothering a teenager a lot causing psychological impact , it can be done as early as 15-16 years too. There is no specific upper age limit for the gynecomastia surgery as long as you are in good health and lead an active life ..

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