Arm Liposuction
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It is a less invasive alternative to arm lift surgery. It removes the loose, hanging skin that develops on the underside of the upper arm due to various factors like aging, weight loss or weight gain. Arm liposuction is a surgery that is ideal for patients who undergo a strict diet and their fat does not respond to it. If you’re looking for arm liposuction in Hyderabad or best arm liposuction treatment in Bangalore & Hyderabad, look no further!

Arm Liposuction Procedure-

During the arm liposuction procedure, a thin cannula (an instrument similar to a thin straw) is inserted into a tiny incision in the targeted area.

With traditional liposuction, the cannula is moved back and forth manually, which can damage blood vessels and cause significant swelling. Traditional liposuction is often used when large areas of fat are being removed.

Ultrasound and laser assisted liposuction both liquefy the fat. They use smaller cannula, and are much less invasive than the traditional and tumescent liposuction. Laser-assisted liposuction is the only type that firms the skin over the treatment area.

In each type of procedure, fat is suctioned out through the cannula. Once the cannula is removed, incisions are closed with tiny sutures. The procedure, which requires only a local anesthetic, usually takes 1 to 2 hours to perform. Patients can return home the same day.


Patients will experience soreness and bruising. A compression sleeve is recommended to be worn for about 4 weeks and resting of the arm for 4-5 days post surgery. Scarring from liposuction is minimal because of the small incision size.

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Blood investigations
Stop smoking 2 weeks before surgery
Avoid medications that contain blood thinners
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