Breas-t Implant or Breas-t Augmentation
Breas-t implants in Bangalore, Hyderabad
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Breas-t Implants in Bangalore & Hyderabad

Breas-ts do play a leading role in the overall appearance of a person. If they are not in proportion with one's body, then one can opt for breas-t augmentation surgery. The effect of breas-t implants or breas-t augmentation surgery is not only an improved physical appearance but also an enhanced self esteem.If you’re looking for breas-t enhancement using the best breas-t implants in Bangalore look no further! She is widely known for performing the best breas-t enhancement surgery.

Best Breas-t Enhancement Surgery

Types of breas-t enhancement surgery

Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan provides the best breas-t enhancement surgery by utilizing the best breas-t implants in Hyderabad. A breas-t implant is a silicone gel prosthesis that is used to alter a person's breas-t size, shape, and contour. Breas-t implants can be used to aesthetically enhance the breas-t size , in reconstructive plastic surgery to restore a natural-looking breas-t after a mastectomy, or to address congenital abnormalities and deformities of the chest wall.

Autologous fat grafts for breas-t size increase - wherein fat enriched cells is taken from your own body and injected as microparticles thru small canulas.

During the consultation, Dr .Sandhya will examine your breas-ts and consider factors such as size, shape, symmetry, position of nipples and areola size for perfect breas-t enhancement. You will be asked about your desired breas-t size and things related to the appearance of breas-ts. This will help Dr.Sandhya to understand your expectations and determine the right procedure. You will be elaborated on the surgical procedure, recovery time and post operative care.


Incision is made either along the crease where breas-t tissue meets the chest wall or around the areola. Every effort will be made to assure that the resulting scar is inconspicuous. After making an adequate pocket in the breas-t tissue, an FDA approved cohesive silicone gel implant is placed under the breas-t tissue. Compression dressings with pads are applied after the procedure. You will be discharged the same day or a day later after the breas-t enhancement surgery.

For fat grafts a liposuction is done to suck out the fat particles, processed and reinjected with microcannulas. Small dressings are applied at the incision sites.

. A small degree of pain, bruising and swelling is expected following an augmentation mammaplasty. The other very rare complications of breas-t augmentation include: Implant rupture, need for second surgery, infection, capsular contracture, implant malposition, potential for decreased nipple areola sensation.

Dr. Sandhya Bala is possibly the most accomplished female breas-t surgeon in Bangalore and Hyderabad.. Her immense surgical experience when mixed with her artistic abilities, helps deliver amazing results for her patients.

If you’re considering getting breas-t implants in Hyderabad for making your breas-ts look the ideal shape, then Dr. Sandhya Balasubramanyan is one of the best choices you have. The expert surgeon is not only a renowned breas-t augmentation surgeon who provides the best breas-t implants in Bangalore but also one of the most promising professionals all over India for the breas-t augmentation surgery.

Blood investigations and anesthetic check up
Mammogram or ultrasound breas-ts if older than 35 years
Simulation of enhancement if available.

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