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Sep 23 2022

What Are The Vaginal Tightening Options And How Does It Work

Vaginal laxity is increasingly becoming a matter of concern among women. Even though it mostly happens due to natural causes such as childbirth, hormone changes, or ageing, many women seek to tighten their vaginas. More often, it is also about women thinking that their vulva doesn’t appear “normal”, which may not be true.

There are several invasive and non-invasive vaginal tightening treatments available. Here, we explore some options, such as Laser, Radiofrequency treatment, Derma filling, and Labiaplasty surgery.

LASER and RF Treatments

Calibrated waves of laser and radio frequency are used to tighten the internal and external labia and vaginal canal . The tissues in the area contract and become tight when brought in contact with controlled heat. Production of new collagen is also stimulated in the process.


  • Tightens the tissues in the vagina
  • It helps enhance sexual satisfaction
  • Vulva’s appearance becomes more in line with the patient’s requirement

Dermal Filler

This injection treatment enhances the volume in labia majora or mons pubis. Surgeons use hyaluronic acid-based fillers for this purpose since they are biocompatible.


  • The procedure can be done in-office.
  • No allergy test is required.
  • G-spot can also be enhanced using derma filler treatment.

If a surgical procedure is required, the patient’s tissue from another area can be used as fat graft injections on the labia majora.


Due to weight fluctuations or hormonal changes, the shape of the mons pubis may get affected. This can also be corrected with fat grafting, fillers, liposuction or a mons lift procedure .


The vaginal canal often becomes stretched or loose after childbirth. It is advised to do Kegel's exercises after childbirth to improve your pelvic floor muscles.

The muscles in the vagina can be tightened by an advanced surgery called vaginoplasty if there is extreme laxity.


Labiaplasty surgery is the most popular surgical option for genital rejuvenation. This plastic surgery has a growing demand in today’s time. The labia minora is tightened and reduced in size using this procedure by a labiaplasty surgeon.

Why Labiaplasty surgery?

A more prominent labia can be a cause of discomfort to some women. They find it difficult to wear certain clothes like swimsuits or yoga pants. UTI, hygiene, and unsatisfactory sex are also some other reasons stated by females with enlarged labia.


Trim and Wedge are the two labiaplasty surgery procedures used in different cases.

In the Trim procedure, the saggy part of the labia minora or inner lip is removed and sutured for a tighter look and feel. This also ensures that it is in symmetry with the outer lip of the vagina. In the wedge procedure, a partly wedged section from the labia minora is removed. This kind of labiaplasty leaves the vagina with a natural look.

Labiaplasty is also done along with clitoral unhooding, which refers to uncovering the clitoris. This aims at improving the patient’s sexual response.


  • Vagina is rejuvenated
  • Discomfort such as pain and irritation due to excess labia can be gotten rid of
  • Restores satisfactory sex life
  • Labiaplasty surgery can be done in an hour as an outpatient procedure
  • It can be done under local or general anaesthesia

Post-Surgical care

The genital area is susceptible and significant and requires post-surgical care. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications must be taken to avoid infection and to help reduce swelling. Exerting pressure involving physical activities, including sex and wearing tight clothes, should be avoided for 4-6 weeks.

Labiaplasty Surgeon

The most crucial factor to consider before the labiaplasty is choosing the right person. Of course, for any surgery, that is the case. But being a cosmetic surgery that is mainly done to improve the quality of your life, it should not backfire. Choose a Labiaplasty surgeon who is certified and has experience performing the procedure. A proper analysis should be done in coordination with your Gynae to make sure that a labiaplasty is required and is safe for you.

The Bottom Line

Like many other cosmetic surgeries, vaginal tightening is also increasingly becoming a solution to unsatisfactory appearance. In some cases, for functional reasons, procedures like labiaplasty surgery may be necessary. A vaginal tightening treatment can make you look how you want and instil confidence. It helps enhance the quality of life for many women by improving their sexual response and simplifying other physical struggles.

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