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May 29 2021

Transformations – High Definition Liposuction Body Scale

A high definition liposuction body scale is required to transform your body into a muscular and sleek appearance. This enhances the muscular shape of your body and tones your appearance for an attractive look.

A certified plastic surgeon can successfully operate for a full body liposuction. Being a certified liposuction surgeon in hyderabad Dr. Sandhya, is an international member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and also of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). Offering High definition body sculpting and fat removal treatment in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

What is a high definition liposuction body scale?

Body scale liposuction is the process of moving superficial and deep fats surrounding muscle groups to enhance the visibility of the musculature underneath. This helps to give you a sculpted and athletic appearance.

How is it done?

Selection of patients is the foremost criteria for successful liposuction surgery. To understand the process of full body liposuction, one must understand the assessment procedure.

Assessing the patients includes analyzing the degree of excessive fat, skin texture quality and skin redundancy. This assessment is necessary to understand if fat can be removed from the body.

Once the surgeon is satisfied that the degree of excess fat is enough to remove selective or comprehensive fat, the degree of skin redundancy will tell us whether less invasive technology would be sufficient or a mini-tuck or even full-tucking procedure is required simultaneously.

So, how do we assess all this?

We do this with the help of point scores on High Definition Liposuction (HDL) Body Scale. The starting HDL body score of patients helps determine the plan of surgery for that specific body type, which really differs from patient to patient. The scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being a perfect and true high definition liposuction result.

What do the points denote?

As mentioned earlier, the points denote the surgical process to be used for the body type. Each set of scores have their customized surgical procedure, and the scores denote the body type, as below:

Surgical procedures for each HDL Body Scale type

The HDL Body Scale helps surgeons to address contouring problems with strategic surgical design to try and get the result towards a near-perfect 9 or 10 on the HDL body scale. Let us see how each HDL Body Score type would be treated:

  • 7 to 9 points: Patients who have a body score of 7 to 9 can benefit from liposuction, which removes fat comprehensively. Patients who have this body score can achieve true high definition contouring results through liposuction.
  • 6 to 7 points: Those who have scored 6 to 7 can benefit from minimally invasive skin tightening modalities simultaneously, like the Renuvion subdermal coagulation, which tightens a minimal to a modest amount of skin and avoids cutting or incision lines.
  • 5 to 6 points: These Patients would benefit from a simultaneous tuck procedure, which includes a reverse tummy tuck, upper body tuck, lateral thigh tuck, mini tummy tuck or Brachioplasty. These tucking procedures help in comprehensive fat removal, improve contouring results, and remove side effects related to skin looseness. These tucking procedures can be performed simultaneously with liposuction surgery.
  • 2 to 5 points: Patients with a score of 2 to 5 will have to undergo full tucking procedures like lower body lift or full tummy tuck to remove poorly textured skin before the liposuction process begins. Around 2 to 3 months subsequently, patients can undergo the final stage of their contouring surgical plan with comprehensive fat removal.

Get a sleek and slender look with High Definition Liposuction Specialist in Hyderabad

Dr Sandhya Balasubramanyam is one of the top and best surgeons providing liposuction and Fat Removal treatment in Hyderabad and Bangalore She’s a high precision aesthetic plastic surgeon who has years of experience in High definition body contouring . Grow your self-esteem and enhance your attractiveness by cosmetic and plastic surgery with Dr Sandhya Balasubramanyam.

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