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May 06 2022

Things You Need To Know About Breas-t Lift Surgery

Breas-t lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery that simply lifts sagging breas-ts. Often confused with breas-t augmentation, a breas-t lift surgery can also be used to decrease the size of the areolae or raise the nipple and breas-ts up the chest wall. This surgery can aid a patient's appearance by restoring their youthful proportions and making bras fit more comfortably.

But before you visit the best breas-t lift surgeon in Hyderabad, here are some things you need to know about this procedure. 

Breas-t lift vs Breas-t augmentation

A breas-t lift and augmentation are frequent surgical combinations that can be done at the same time because they are in the same area. While breas-t implants increase the size and volume of a woman's breas-ts, a breas-t lift can alter the form and position of her breas-ts. 

Both these treatments aim to improve the appearance of the breas-ts, but they use a different approach to the correction.

Even if you didn't have a breas-t reduction in conjunction with the treatment, you might discover that your bra size is a little smaller following a breas-t lift. This is due to the gradual firming and rounding of your breas-ts.

Choose your doctor carefully.

Although other types of surgeons, such as general and cosmetic surgeons, conduct a breas-t lift surgery, only board-certified plastic surgeons have the technical knowledge and vast experience to perform the procedure to the maximum level of success. The best breas-t lift surgeon in Hyderabad is someone who adheres to the highest ethical standards and it is important to choose one for the best results.

Primarily there are four types of breas-t lifts. The incision technique, the quantity of excess skin removed, and the patient's desire are all factors in determining which type of breas-t lift surgery is performed.  A breas-t lift surgery can be combined with breas-t implant or a breas-t reduction surgery too.

  • Peri-areolar lift
  • Vertical lift
  • Crescent lift
  • Anchor lift


Post-surgery recovery

A breas-t lift is an outpatient operation, which means you'll return home the same day to begin your recuperation. You should expect to be off of work for about a week following surgery to ensure that your incisions heal properly. Following your surgeon's post-surgery instructions, you can expect complete recovery in 2- 3 weeks. You'll need extra support for your breas-ts after the surgery. A compression garment or a customized bra are examples of these. These will aid in the reduction of edema and the support of the incisions.

Ability to breas-tfeed

Excess skin and fatty tissue are removed during a breas-t lift, but actual gland tissue may also be removed. As a result, women may not be able to nurse their child after surgery. Some can still breas-tfeed following a breas-t lift. Others may have trouble producing enough milk. Surgeons who perform breas-t lift surgery in Hyderabad and Bangalore urge women to opt for a lactation consultant in case there is trouble producing milk and breas-tfeeding. 

Risks associated with a breas-t lift

Scarring is a common occurrence after a breas-t lift surgery. Although scars are permanent, they will soften and fade over time. There might be some changes in the feeling of the nipple or breas-t but most people's sensation returns after a few weeks. Delayed wound healing, infection and mild asymmetry or irregularities in the shape and size of the breas-ts are few of the uncommon side effects of the surgery.


While the effects of a breas-t lift may not last indefinitely, maintaining a healthy and steady weight might help you keep your results. Sagging may develop as your skin becomes less elastic as you get older, especially if you have larger, heavier breas-ts. When performed by a trained cosmetic surgeon with expertise in breas-t lift surgery in Hyderabad and Bangalore it is a safe and satisfying operation with long-lasting effects. The best approach to learning more about breas-t lift surgery is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

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