The Life Changing Impact Of Breas-t Reduction Surgery In Hyderabad And Bangalore
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Jun 29 2021

The Life Changing Impact Of Breas-t Reduction Surgery In Hyderabad And Bangalore

For most women, breas-t reduction surgery may have some huge life-changing benefits or advantages. A big sized breas-t might impact a woman’s life negatively in many ways. It doesn’t matter if you are undergoing aesthetic, physical, or any psychological concerns that are associated with your breas-t size, a breas-t reduction surgery in Hyderabad would give a woman a new lease in life.

Dr. Sandhya Bala, who has her clinic in Bangalore and Hyderabad, has helped numerous women in improving the quality of their life using breas-t reduction.

Below are the various benefits which have been experienced by women who underwent breas-t reduction surgery in Bangalore/Hyderabad.

Reduction in Physical Discomfort

Big sized breas-ts might result in great physical pain, generally in women who have frames that are very small for supporting the weight of the breas-ts. In other words, if the skeletal structure of the shoulder area is not very wide. Some of the physical issues which are faced by women with large breas-ts as reported by breas-t reduction surgeons in Bangalore are:

  • Serious back pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • A stiff neck and shoulder
  • Experiencing numbness in one’s fingers and hands
  • Rashes and skin irritation underside of their breas-ts
  • Very uncomfortable grooves in one's shoulders which are caused by the bra straps which digs on one’s skin

For most women, these physical discomforts which are associated with big sized breas-ts might have some devastating impacts on one’s quality of life. By having a smaller sized breas-t which is much more proportional to their body, one can eliminate such physical discomfort.

A Proportional and More Balanced Figure

It was seen by breas-t reduction surgeons in Hyderabad that when one’s breas-t is very big for one’s frame it will create a disproportionate and unbalanced figure. Another issue common among women with big sized breas-ts is that they appear very heavy but in reality they may be very fit and have appropriate body weight.

breas-t reduction surgery shall help in reducing the size of the breas-ts into a proportion with the body. This would not only improve one’s overall figure, but also help one in looking and feeling the best.

Enjoying Athletic Activities

Big breas-ts might interfere with a woman's active lifestyle. Aerobic exercises and running may be much more challenging because of the weight of one’s breas-ts. One might experience reduction in motion range as stated by breas-t reduction surgeons in Bangalore, which will impact their ability in enjoying various activities like golf, tennis, or swimming.

A small sized breas-t will make it easier in performing athletic activities. A woman can enjoy such activities without facing any discomfort, and will also experience an improved performance in the sport.

Looking Beautiful and Smart

Women may find it challenging in finding the right kind of clothing that fits them properly when a person has very big breas-ts. One might need to wear bigger size clothing to ensure that one’s breas-ts fit very comfortably. But such larger sizes might not be the best for accentuating their figure.

Breas-t reduction surgery will restore them to a more proportional size, which would allow one to wear the clothes they want for highlighting their beautiful figure.

Improvement in Posture

As stated by breas-t reduction surgeons in Hyderabad the weight of big breas-ts might force a person to hunch over, which would lead to lots of posture problems. Another benefit of having lighter and smaller breas-ts is having an ability to stand up much taller. It would make a woman look better, and also it would reduce the risk of many back issues which are commonly associated due to poor posture.

Improved Self-Confidence

This is quite common for many women in experiencing a boost in their self-confidence and also a better body image after breas-t reduction surgery in Hyderabad. When one feels much more attractive in their clothing, they are likely to remain less self-conscious of their breas-t size or are free of this unwanted attention that is focused on their breas-ts. This will improve their self-confidence which can permeate into all the areas of their life, aiding one to put forth a better version of themselves.

There may be many breas-t reduction surgeons in Bangalore and Hyderabad but Dr. Sandhya Bala is a one such plastic surgeon who listens to all your concerns and gives you the best solution. She is a member of the Indian association of the aesthetic plastic surgeons (WWW.IAAPS.NET) For reaching out to her, who is one of the best breas-t reduction surgeons in Hyderabad and Bangalore, you can fill out the form on the website.

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