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Aug 25 2021

Enhance Your Natural Facial Beauty With A Simple Dimple Creation Surgery In Hyderabad

Want a beautiful smile along with cute dimples? Then a dimple creation surgery is a suitable choice for you.

When people smile, indentations form on their cheeks, these are known as dimples. Dimples are believed to be very attractive and a sign of beauty. Its presence enhances the beauty of the facial features for both genders. They tend to enhance the expression on your face by making you look perfect.

Why should you go for a dimple creation surgery in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is supposed to be the heart of advanced cosmetic surgery in India.The Best plastic surgeons in Bangalore and Hyderabad, use advanced medical equipment to provide people with hassle-free cosmetic procedures. Generally, a dimple creation surgery is termed Dimpleplasty in medical terminology. There are very few people who have dimples from birth.Thus, this area of cosmetic surgery helps the people who are deprived of a natural dimple to get it artificially. This is generally an outpatient surgery with minimal risk and effort. It is also one of the main reasons many people are lining up for a dimple creation surgery in Hyderabad.

Painless procedure offered for dimple surgery in Hyderabad

The steps in conducting dimple creation surgery are performed in the careful vigilance of an expert surgeon. Therefore, people can be rest assured to get their desired style of a dimple painlessly. There are various shapes of dimple that people can choose from. The client can choose their suitable dimple style with appropriate consultation from the Best plastic surgeon in Hyderabad and Bangalore. The process for a simple dimple surgery is conducted within 30 minutes at maximum.

Here is a list of steps of how a general dimple creation surgery is conducted-

  • In a simple definition, dimple creation can be defined as an adhesion between the musculature of the cheeks.
  • In this process, an incision is not made on the outer skin of the cheeks. This is measured to avoid scarring of the patient’s face.
  • In the first step, a small incision is created inside the mouth near the interior region of the cheek.
  • Then through a surgical procedure, the underside part of the cheek skin is connected to the newly created defect in the form of the incision.
  • In the next step, the newly created defect is adjusted to get the desired shape of the dimple. When the expected results are confirmed, the previous incision is closed by two sutures.
  • These sutures are absorbent and dissolve over time.

Final results are seen after a month of completion of the Dimpleplasty. The dimple thus created will remain permanently on the client's face without any side effects.

Benefits of Dimpleplasty by the best surgeons in Bangalore and Hyderabad

The surgeons have several years of expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery. Therefore, utmost care is taken while conducting even a simple surgery like Dimpleplasty.

Availing of dimple creation surgery in Hyderabad can give you the following benefits-

  • Increased youthfulness that can delay the natural process of ageing.
  • This gives you healthy and rejuvenated facial skin that looks attractive.
  • Brings out beautiful results by enhancing the patient’s natural facial aesthetics.
  • This simple surgery helps in boosting the self-confidence of people about their appearance.
  • The surgical procedures are deemed to be straightforward and safe.
  • Quick recovery rate after your dimple surgery with minimum aftercare.
  • The surgery is reversible and can be undone by the client whenever they want to.
  • The dimples formed by this surgery are the highlighting features of the face and are very close to the natural ones.

Aftercare of your dimple surgery in Hyderabad- do's and don'ts:

  • Clients are advised not to do any rigorous exercise and stretch facial muscles after their surgery.
  • People should contact only the best plastic surgeon in Bangalore and Hyderabad for their Dimpleplasty. Do not get the surgery done from an unauthorized clinic under any circumstance.
  •  Avoid eating solid food for a few days and instead change your diet to liquid items.
  • Avoid doing rigorous facial expressions like laughing and smiling that could put pressure on your surgical wound.
  • Try to keep your dimple spot away from the contact of water and sweat for at least two to three weeks.
  • Apply the post-care medicines as prescribed by your surgeon.

In addition to these basic steps, you are also advised to follow any specific guidelines issued by the cosmetic surgeon.

Recovery tenure after dimple creation surgery in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, generally, the recovery rate from this kind of simple Dimpleplasty is very high. It usually takes only 2 to 3 days for a healthy person to dissolve the sutures. However, people going through dimple creation surgery are advised to be careful and perform aftercare for at least a month.

The chances of complications post-surgery are scarce in the case of a dimple creation surgery in Hyderabad.

The minimum trouble that might occur to the patient is as follows-

  • Minimal bleeding from the surgical spot of the newly formed dimple.
  • Minimal swelling and redness around the surgical wound for a few days.
  • There is less chance of infection that might occur if aftercare is not done correctly.

Dimple creation surgery is a very small-scale medical procedure that gives exquisite results which are long-lasting. A simple dimple creation surgery in Hyderabad can cost you from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,20,000. Thus, people can get their dimple creation surgery done without fear or worry.

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