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Jul 25 2021

Chin Augmentation Recovery: What To Expect

A chin augmentation surgery in Bangalore is a cost-effective and practical option for a variety of chin and neck issues. You may notice that the form and structure of your chin has begun to alter as you get older. Some people discover that their bodies have a greater difficulty breaking off fat deposits in their chins as they become aged. Others may see a chin line that is receding. Both of these issues can be solved with chin augmentation surgery.

The Chin Augmentation Procedure

Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure that reshapes or enhances the chin. It can be accomplished by placing an implant or reshaping or relocating bones. The surgery can help you achieve facial balance, improving your overall look and boosting your self-esteem. Chin augmentation surgery is a safe and inexpensive procedure that takes 45 minutes to an hour to perform.

Chin augmentation surgery is a fairly common and uncomplicated procedure. However, like with any surgical treatments, the surgery will take some healing time to obtain the optimum outcomes. We will go through what to expect during the recovery phase in this blog.

Dr. Sandhya, being a certified surgeon and one of the most reputed Chin Augmentation surgeons in Hyderabad, believes in providing the best possible treatments for patients who have cosmetic imperfections of the face.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Drainage, Bruising, and Swelling

It is typical for individuals to feel some discomfort and inflammation following chin augmentation surgery. There may be some bruising as well. As the body recovers, pain, bruising, and inflammation should subside. Bruising and inflammation, however, may last up to six weeks following surgery.

Over the first few days after surgery, a specific garment is usually worn to hold the chin tissues in place as they recover and to minimise swelling. Swelling can be decreased even further by elevating the head.

After surgery, sutures will be left in place for around 10 days. Sutures that are put in the mouth usually dissolve on their own. Your surgeon will need to remove sutures put behind the chin. Most patients are able to continue working two or three days following the procedure. Individuals may feel healthy enough to return to work in a few days, but they may choose to stay at home until the sutures are removed or dissolve naturally.


Pain or discomfort can be treated with a prescription pain reliever or an over-the-counter pain reliever that a physician has approved. Following your operation, your Plastic surgeon may prescribe pain medicine to help you feel better. To avoid any negative side effects, make sure to take your prescriptions exactly as prescribed. \An antibiotic can be prescribed to prevent infections of surgical site. Make sure you finish the antibiotic treatment as prescribed.


In the days after the procedure, we recommend consuming light meals. Numbness and stiffness in the lips and chin are common side effects, making chewing challenging. Excessively hot foods should also be avoided. Chew slowly and gently so as not to disrupt the sutures in your mouth.

What To Avoid

For the next six weeks, avoid exerting any pressure on your chin with your hand, either during the day or while sleeping. It may be beneficial to continue sleeping with your head raised. Within 48 hours of surgery, you should be able to shower and wash your face but do so carefully.

Brushing your teeth may and should continue as soon as possible, but be cautious around the incisions. Brushing your teeth should not cause any disruption to the sutures. You should avoid vigorous physical activities and bending over for one to two weeks. Walking and other light exercises are recommended. For one to two weeks, try to avoid making excessive facial movements such as smiling or laughing.

Getting Back to Normal

Your chin may appearswollen after surgery due to inflammation.  The swelling may take many weeks to go away completely. After that, you will be able to experience your final outcomes.  Dr Sandhya will advise you on when you can resume your usual activity levels based on your recovery process.

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