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Aug 12 2022

A Complete Guide To Thread Lift Procedures

With age comes wrinkles and sagging skin. In some people, whether it is through genetic predispositions, circumstances or lifestyle choices, these indications of age might come sooner rather than later. Can this be reversed? Of course! There are currently several invasive and non-invasive procedures that can tighten your skin and give shape to your muscles. Here, we talk about the Thread lift procedure.

A Thread lift is a cosmetic procedure in which threads are passed under the surface of your skin. This gives an immediate lift, and tissues become firm with time. The procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive.

How Thread Lift Works

The doctor inserts dissolvable threads using a needle or cannula, beneath your skin and pulls it up to make the skin tight.

The thread gets attached to the tissue of your skin.

On coming in contact with the sutures, your skin produces collagen. This collagen fills the empty pockets in your skin, making it tight.

How Soon Can You Resume Work?

The good news is that this procedure needs no downtime. It is also called a “lunchtime facelift” because you can do it in a short period and get back to your routine immediately. There might be some amount of bruising or swelling. However, returning to work soon after the procedure should not be a problem.

Is Thread Lift Permanent?

Soon after the procedure, there are some visible changes. But the real effects start appearing after a month. It takes 6 to 9 months for the threads to dissolve completely. Therefore, the result of thread lift are most apparent during this time.

The procedure is not surgical and acts as a temporary solution. In most cases, the effect of thread lift does not last beyond a year or two.

Is it Safe?

A thread lift is usually considered safe. However, soon after the procedure, there could be swelling and bruising. In addition, some complications such as infection, allergy, pain, asymmetry, threads becoming visible, or tissue getting scarred in some cases. Note that most of these minor inconveniences are uncommon, and even if they happen, they usually resolve on their own.

Which areas can be lifted with threads?

The mid-face folds, lower-face jowls, marionette lines around the corners of the mouth, lax skin in the chin, neck folds, eyebrows to lift the outer edge and even nose for a droopy tip can be tackled with threads.

Other Procedures that can be combined with Thread Lift

Combining some other procedures with a thread lift could give more effective and long-lasting results. For instance, by injecting dermal fillers to smoothen the wrinkles on your face, the result of a thread lift can be enhanced. Other non-surgical options such as Ultherapy can also be used. This therapy aims at stimulating the production of collagen in the skin.

Dr. Sandhya Bala for Thread Lift

If you approach the right person for your cosmetic concerns, you needn’t worry about complications or side effects. Dr. Sandhya Bala is a renowned expert in plastic surgery in Bangalore and Hyderabad. She is highly qualified and experienced in performing cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical procedures.

It needs an expert in cosmetic procedures to assess your skin and collagen level and advice if one would benefit from thread lift procedure alone or needs combination therapies of laser, fillers, anti-wrinkle injections or surgical lift.

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